Wednesday, February 6, 2013

St. Louis Small Busines: The Mod Mutt

Lindy Michaele Turner is the owner of The Mod Mutt. I met Lindy at a Trunk Show where we were both invited to sell stuff we made. Our hostess, Cheryl (more about her later!!!), had about 7 vendors at her house and invited her friends and we all had a great time. Lindy is hysterically funny and we hit it off immediately.  Soo.. here she is..
Who are you? 
 I  am the owner of The Modd Mutt..I make everything myself. I am a one woman show!
What do you make?
 I make waterproof dog beds, tag toggles, and collars of all sizes. I have a few product lines I will be launching this year. The first will be martingale collars which I am pretty pumped about. I had a lot of people asking for these in 2012.
Why do you do this? How did you start?
 I love my dogs, but they were breaking the bank. The beds were born out of frustration from our German Shepard and his urinary incontinence after his neuter. The collars were kind of also born out of this same frustration. I couldn't ever find anything durable enough to last for any amount of time. So I decided to make some. All of my collars are extremely durable I use plastic hardware that is ykk brand and inspected, the webbing I use for the collars has a minimum tensile strength of 3000 pounds.
Where is your studio?
 I currently work from my home in Bridgeton, MO. I sell at local craft fairs and on etsy.

Contact Info:
E: lindy@themodmuttonline
P: 314-292-9DOG

Come back Friday! I am making crock Pot Jambalya.


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  1. Thanks for featuring my business Libby! :) I can wait for jambalaya on Friday! What time should I be over?