Monday, February 11, 2013

Down With The Sickness

So Influenza B (I can't even be Type A when I'm sick! Go figure) showed up at my house last Wednesday. Kids had a late start day, and The Boy was feeling bad, ate his breakfast, went back to bed. What kid does that? Decided to keep him home and had him on my lap, he coughed a few times in my face....And it was on.

By 4:00 The Boy was back in bed, I was on the couch three layers of clothes, two blankets (one electric), shivering like I was gonna die. Body aches so bad it hurt to walk across the room and fetch ice water for myself or take care of my little patient. This mess (for the both of us) continued up until Sunday. SUNDAY. And I still don't feel awesome.

... And no I didn't get a flu shot. Every time I get a flu shot I get sick. I'll be getting one next year.

THE GOOD NEWS IS....I lost five pounds.  Silver Lining, people. Gotta stay positive.

Didn't get much blogging done but managed to day to try something I was thinking about while down with my disabling disorder.

Little ice cream pin cushions, made with mini flower pots, Styrofoam balls (inside) and fleece wrapped around, secured with hot glue. I love these! I hop you do to.

Wednesday I'm making a 3 ingredient (easy and chocolaty) dessert for Valentine's Day. See you then!


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