Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Making Fabric Flowers Out Of Suit Linings

I just made these
flowers, which are ALL the rage right now around here. I took old suit linings
and cut circles in several sizes.

I started with this
GORGEOUS aubergine lining. 100% Acetate. Big BIG mistake.

More on this later.

So you cut the
circles, light a candle and singe the edges.
The fabric will then curl into a nice organic looking shape.

Then you just give
them a dot of hot glue and piece them together.
I wanted the larger one on my wall vignette (more on this later) so I
glued it to an old plastic lid and THEN glued that onto a cereal box.

Do you like it? On Friday I will have a guest blogger, my
friend Amy. She will be talking beauty and fashion and other goodness.

~Notes To Self~

Acetate will flame up
quickly, use a poly blend.

First Aid Kit
Aloe Vera
Fire Extinguisher
Green paint and scrapbooking
brads for the birdhouse makeover
Flower pot and onsies
for the onsie cupcake that I will be showing off next week on " I Made
This" Monday

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