Monday, January 27, 2014

I Made This-The $20.00 Reading Nook

There was a sad little corner of our basement just waiting to be changed into something beautiful.

Inspired by an image from Domino Magazine from 2005, and one I saw in Molly Makes I gathered some things in my house and got busy. The goal was to use what I have spend as little as possible. We were also snowed in I had to get creative. No running out for supplies!

Price Breakdown:

1 large embroidery hoop     -$1.00 Goodwill Outlet
1 Round Mirror                 - $1.00 Garage Sale
2 white sheers                   -$2.00  Garage Sale
1 quilt                                -$3.00  Garage Sale
1 granny square
        crochet blanket         -$3.00  Garage Sale
2 Large Round Mirrors     $10.00 Michaels

Couch                                  Free from relative, from the "single girl in Dogtown days"
READ Letters                     Gift from friend for daughters room. The word she gave me was
Wire to hang
curtains from ceiling            Bread bag ties

Flower heads                       Saved from gift packaging.

                                                                         The result!

This is the first thing of the year that I have ACTUALLY FINISHED. My goals this year are less Facebook, less Pinning and more FINISHING STUFF! So far so good!

 How are your New Years resolutions coming along?


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